Omnilogic believes in the strength of an ecosystem with complementary characteristics and skills to create disruptive technological solutions and drive digitalization of a world in constant evolution.

Omnilogic's ecosystem is based on four pillars: internal team, advisory board, research centers and strategic partners for business development.


Currently distributed in cities such as Belo Horizonte, Campinas, São Luís and São Paulo, our team is led by executives who have large experience both in tech companies and in digital retail and services operations. The multidisciplinary team brings together world-class A.I. engineers, developers, statisticians, economists and marketeers.


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Omnilogic, Sinval Nascimento, has a background in electrical and computational engineering by Federal University of Minas Gerais and Technische Universität Chemnitz, Germany. In the early 2000s, worked with research in the area of Artificial Neural Networks, when few were dedicated to the theme. In the second half of the decade, he worked with development of corporate systems focused in Telecom and Internet. He founded Omnilogic in 2009, company he has run since then.


With a MBA in Business Management by prestigious FIA – Brazilian Business Institute Foundation, Omnilogic’s Chief Financial Officer Danny Jablkowicz has previously worked in financial institutions such as Citi, multinational corporations such as Siemens and at some of the most iconic groups in the Brazilian digital scene, such as Movile and B2W.


Vinícius Oliveira is Omnilogic's Chief Operating Officer (COO). Before taking over the operations area in August 2021, he was the company's Head of Innovation for almost a year. With 10 years of professional experience in the field of computer engineering, Oliveira holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering from the State University of Maranhão, with specialization at the centenary German university of technology Hochschule Mainnheim. His professional journey mainly encompasses experiences focused on eCommerce. He was, for example, e-Commerce Leader at Grupo Mateus, one of the ten largest super / hypermarkets (sales) in Brazil.


Omnilogic’s Chief Scientific Officer, Camilo Resende, combines two distinct technical backgrounds, he is an engineer (with a MSc in Statistical Learning from the prestigious ITA - Brazilian Institute of Aeronautical Technology) and a physician (with a PhD in computer-vision-based approach for diagnosis). He worked as a researcher in the field of Uncertainty and Heterogeneity in Design for Market Systems at Carnegie Mellon University. Those different backgrounds and experiences forged Camilo into a senior A.I. and Deep Learning specialist.


Post-graduated in business management and marketing, Omnilogic’s Chief Business Officer Ricardo Piloto has a professional career that can be confused with that of the Brazilian digital market itself. Prior to Omnilogic, he has worked at emblematic companies such as Mandic, iG, Mercado Livre, CNova and InLoco during the periods they presented their largest contributions to the digital market.


Gathering former C-Level executives from iconic companies, the second pillar of the Omnilogic ecosystem is its advisory board. With their experience, its members support the company on different strategic fronts, such as financial, technological, communication and business.


Christiano Faig is Microsoft's vice president of solutions for the entire cloud platform in Brazil. With a 20+ year-trajectory in the technology field, he has also worked for companies such as CA and VMware.


Rogério Calderón is a former CFO of HSBC, now a director of B3 and a number of Aluppar companies, in addition to being part of Itaú's audit committee.


Luiz Carlos Pimentel, currently an startups investor through SilverAngels, has been CEO of JustFit gym academies chain as well as director at companies such as Fast Shop and Telefônica.


Roberto Wajnsztok, is an advisor to Grupo FCâmara and Live On, has built his career on the digital market and has been responsible for digital operations at companies as RiHappy and Shoptime.


Omnilogic has built strong strategic partnerships with top institutions such as CNPq, Endeavor, Finep, Inovabra and Microsoft. In the academic field, it financially supports researchers from first tier universities.